Sesame oil and health

Besides oils such as olive oil, corn oil, sunflower oil… sesame oil is a well-known vegetable oil with countless good benefits. So what is sesame oil? What are the uses and uses of sesame oil?

Sesame oil has long been known as a food good for health and beauty. This is also a type of vegetable oil that is widely used to prepare dishes and is trusted by chefs. But compared to soybean oil, olive oil… sesame oil is less popular, so many people do not know clearly about sesame oil, its uses and how to use it. Let’s find the answer to the question “What is sesame oil?” makes many people wonder and discover the uses and uses of this oil.

1. What is sesame oil?

First of all, we must confirm that sesame oil and sesame oil are one and the same, this is what the people of the North (sesame oil) and the people of the South (sesame oil) call it. Sesame oil, also known as sesame oil, is made from sesame seeds (sesame seeds). Sesame is an agricultural product grown in tropical countries, including Vietnam. Sesame seeds are very small but contain a lot of oil, so they are extracted into sesame oil.

Sesame oil has a slightly strong smell and is used for many different uses, the most popular being food and beauty. In everyday life, sesame oil is used to prepare dishes with uses such as: mixing salads, marinating foods, kneading dough, adding to frying oil to make dishes crispier… Sesame oil used in cooking has two Types are white sesame oil and black sesame oil. White sesame oil is extracted from white sesame seeds, very suitable for the elderly and children. Black sesame oil is made from black sesame seeds, has a black color and a characteristic aroma, so it is often used to prepare dishes.

2. Uses of sesame oil

Reduce pain related to arthritis

According to nutrition experts, sesame oil has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helping to reduce pain related to arthritis as well as muscle pain. Applying sesame oil in moderate amounts and properly helps quickly relieve arthritis pain. According to health experts, heat sesame oil, then massage it on joints where you feel pain. This method not only helps strengthen bones and muscles, but also reduces pain.

Lower cholesterol

Reduces cholesterol and prevents the formation of free radicals. – Improves circulation, improves immunity and eases digestive problems such as bloating, constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. – Sesame oil helps fight stress, nourishes the nervous system, reduces fatigue, treats insomnia and improves vitality.

Good for the heart

Sesame oil contains linoleic acid, an omega-6 fatty acid that helps reduce bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol levels in the body, and is very good for the heart. Calcium in sesame oil helps restore the mineralization of tooth enamel, helps keep bones strong, and limits the risk of osteoporosis in the elderly.


In addition to its health care benefits, sesame oil also has good beauty effects. Sesame oil is one of the best natural moisturizers for the skin. They are able to penetrate deeper into the skin than regular moisturizers. Therefore, it is used to massage areas prone to stretch marks for pregnant and postpartum women.

Other uses

Sesame oil protects you from cancer, reduces blood pressure, and prevents diabetes.

Sesame oil is a rich source of calcium, which helps people with arthritis and joint pain.

Beautify skin, anti-aging; hair nourishment and oral care.

Helps strengthen bones, reduce constipation, reduce pain and swelling caused by rheumatoid arthritis.

Prevents respiratory disorders, prevents anemia.

Sesame oil contains many natural nutrients necessary for the body’s growth, providing good folic acid for pregnant women and the developing fetus.

3. How to use sesame oil

Sesame oil is used to make cooking oil instead of animal fat or other vegetable oils, used as a dressing for salads, combined with other ingredients to make dipping sauces or used to apply to the skin to beautify the skin. , anti stretch marks.

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