Vietnam ranks 6th in the world in pork production

Vietnam ranks sixth in the world in pork production with an output of more than 2.7 million tons in 2023. In Southeast Asia, behind Vietnam is the Philippines with an output of 1 million tons.

According to Statista data, the three leading countries and economic blocs in the world in pork production are China (55 million tons), the European Union (22.85 million tons) and the United States (12.47 million tons), respectively. million tons). The two Southeast Asian countries that produce the most pork include Vietnam in sixth place with an output of 2.75 million tons and the Philippines in 11th place with an output of 1 million tons.

As a popular ingredient in Vietnam, pork is always present in Vietnamese meals, from family meals to large parties. The culinary website Taste Atlas announced a list of the 100 most delicious dishes made from pork in the world, including 4 Vietnamese dishes: fried spring rolls, meatloaf, broken rice and beef and pork leg vermicelli.

Pork is a source of 8 important nutrients for the human body: niacin, phosphorus, potassium, protein, riboflavin, selenium, vitamin B6 and zinc (according to the American Feed Industry Association – AFIA. /.

According to: Do Nhung
Source: Vietnam+

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